Parts and Service Manual


  Service Bulletins     Operation Section
  Propane Check Valves   1. Title Page
  Trucks with Tubeless Tires   2. General Description
  Heater Hoses   3. Receiving and Assembly
  Heater Hose Addendum   4. Maintenance and Adjustments
  High Pressure Check Valves   5. Undercarriage Height Adjustments
  Manufacturer’s Warranty   6. Use of Controls
      7. Operations
  Service Section   8/9. Laying out the job
1. Lubrication   10. Trouble Shooting
2. Track Adjustment   11. Optional Equipment
3. Screed Timing and Screed Screw Yoke      
4. Ditch Plates      
5. Ditch Plate Installation Instructions      
6. Ditch Plate Width Chart      
7. Hydraulic Hand Pump Trouble Shooting      
8. Joint Match Extension, One Foot      
9. Joint Match Extension, One Foot Installation      
10. Joint Match Extension, Two Foot      
11. Joint Match Extension (Two Foot) Installation      
   Parts Section      
Ref. # Description Drawing#
   Parts Order Information  
   Parts Index  
H-1   Hopper Assembly  C-232
H-1A  Decal Set  –
H-2  Spill Plate Latch & Wing Filler  C-226
H-3  Spill Plate Catch(7/1/80)  C-328
H-4  Shut-Off Gate  D-875
H-5  Screed Lift Arm Assembly  D-1413
H-6  Hitch Arm Strut  C-227
H-7  Hitch Arm Assembly  D-891
H-8  Heavy Duty Hitch Arm Assembly  C-220
H-9  Adjustable Hitch Arm Assembly  D-1066
H-10  Undercarriage Support Assembly  C-229
H-11  Undercarriage Frame Track-Rubber  D-868
H-12  Track Assembly  D-870
H-13  Wheel and Frame Assembly  D-1115
H-14  Rubber Tired Assembly  D-1118
H-15  Rubber Tired Assembly  D-1410
H-16  Screed Covers  D-1408
H-17  Screed Extension  D-1412
H-18  Crown Adjustment Assembly  D-1409
H-19  Catwalk (12″) and Latch  C-185
H-20  Heat Exchanger and Screed Depth Screw  D-861
H-21  Screed Depth Gauge  D-906
H-22  Control Handles  D-859
H-23  Hand Pump Assembly  D-456
H-23A  Hand Pump Reservoir Cover  D-492
H-24  Cylinder, Shut-Off Gate  C-231
H-25  Cylinder, Hitch Arm  D-1407
H-26  Cylinder, Screed Hoist (Standard)  C-230
H-27  Cylinder, Screed Hoist (Electric-Hyd.)  D-491
H-32  Monarch Parts List  –
H-33  Battery Box  D-488
H-33A  Battery Box  D-486
H-34  Electric Hydraulic Power Package (Monarch/Webster)  C-353
H-35  Electric Hydraulic Power Package (Webster)  C-354
H-36  Control Valve Assembly (Webster)  C-258
H-36A  Control Valve Components (Webster)  –
H-37  Ditch Plate Assembly  D-903
H-38  Ditch Plate Assembly (Old Style)  C-110
H-39  Joint Match Extension, 1 Foot  C-140
H-40  Joint Match Extension, 2 foot (After 12/84)  –
H-41  Screed Heater  C-112
H-41A  Heater Hoses (Revised April 1988)  –
H-41B  Heater Hose Retro  –
H-43  Tow Bar, Track Paver  D-352
H-44  Tow Bar, Wiring Harness  D-1350
H-45  Hopper Extension, Base Spreader  C-141
H-45A  Base Spreader Extension Kit  C-143