Designed, engineered, and built to maintain laytons high standards, the Layton Model H-500C has integrated years of asphalt paver and manufacturing expertise to provide a quality tow paver. The Layton H-500C Tow Paver is recognized by contractors around the world as “the standard of the industry”.  More Layton Tow Pavers are used by contractors and governmental agencies than all other makes and models of tow pavers combined.  More than 10,000 Layton Tow Pavers have been sold in the United States alone. For Paving jobs such as parking areas, driveways, streets and roads, trench paving (reduced width), resurfacing, and base spreading, the Layton H-500C will lay more tons of asphalt per dollar invested than any other paving method. The Layton H-500C requires a small initial investment, little maintenance, no moving costs to and from the jobsite, is easy to operate, performs many different paving applications, and requires a small crew to operate. Owners of Layton Pavers since 1960, know Layton always equals: QUALITY – PERFORMANCE – VALUE.