Parts and Service Manual


  Nomenclature     Operations Section
  Receiving   1. Manufacturer’s Warranty
      2/3. Maintenance Schedule/Drawing
  Service Bulletins   4/5. Pre-Start/ Drawing
  Engine Oil (Tecumseh)   6/7. Starting Procedure/Drawing
  Propane Check Valves   8/9. Controls/ Drawing
  Propane Check Valves   10/11. Controls/ Drawing
  Trucks with Tubeless Tires   12/13. Screed Heater/ Drawing
  New Propane Carburetion   14/15. Ditch Plate Installation Instructions/Drawing
  Screed Heater Hoses   16/17. Joint Match Extension, (One Foot)/Drawing
  Heater Hose Addendum   18/19. Joint Match Extension, (Two Foot)/Drawing
  High Pressure Check Valves      
  Tecumseh Model Upgrade     Service Section
      1. Electrical Schematic
      2. Hydraulic Schematic
      3. Hand Pump Check List
      4. Engine
      5. Screed Timing
      6. Auger System Check Sheet
      7/8/9. Auger Drive pg 7./pg. 8/pg. 9
      10. Charging System Test
      11. Auger Control Valve
      12. Auger Control Valve Picture
   Parts Section      
Ref# Description Drawing #
  Parts Order Information  
  Parts Index  
F-1 Hopper Assembly  C-232
F-1A Decals  –
F-2 Spill Plate Latch  C-226
F-3 Spill Plate Catch  C-328
F-4 Hitch Strut Assembly  C-227
F-5 Screed Hoist Assembly  C-350
F-6 Crown Adjustment Assembly  C-339
F-6A Screed Depth Screw  C-340
F-7 Catwalk and Latch  C-264
F-8 Screed Extension  C-337
F-9 Screed Extension “U-Joints”  –
F-10 Propane System  C-345
F-10A Propane Tank  –
F-10B Screed Heater Hoses, Starting S/N F10032N8  –
F-10C Screed Heater Hose Retro, For Prior to S/N F10032N8  –
F-11 Screed Covers  C-347
F-12 Undercarriage Support  C-229
F-13 Undercarriage, Rubber and Track  C-343
F-14 Rubber Tire Assembly  C-351
F-15 Track Assembly  C-342
F-15A Track Adjustment  C-114
F-16 Hitch Arm (Heavy Duty)  C-220
F-17 Hitch Arm (Adjustable)  C-352
F-18 Auger Valve and Tubing  –
F-18A Auger Control Valve  –
F-19 Hydraulic System (to S/N 8347)  C-346
F-20 Hydraulic System (starting at S/N 8348)  C-359
F-21 Shut-Off Gate  C-360
F-22 Auger Drive  –
F-23 Auger Drive Motor  –
F-24 Auger Assembly  –
F-25 Cylinder, Hitch Arm  C-348
F-26 Cylinder, Screed Hoist  C-230
F-27 Cylinder, Shut-Off Gate  C-231
F-28/28A Hand Pump Assembly/Hand Pump Cover  C-357
F-29 Electric Hydraulic Valves (Webster)  –
F-30 Electric Hydraulic Valves (Webster)  C-354
F-31 Electric Hydraulic Power Package (Webster)  C-353
F-32 Control Valve Assembly (Webster)  C-356
F-32A Control Valve Components (Webster)  –
F-33 Electric Hydraulic System (Monarch)  C-358
F-33A Electric Hydraulic Power Package (Monarch)  C-338
F-34 Electric Hydraulic Valves (Monarch)  C-340
F-35/35A Electric Hydraulic Power Package (Monarch)/Monarch Parts List  –
F-36 Battery Compartment  C-344
F-37 Battery Cables  –
F-38 Operators Console (Left Side)  –
F-38A Propane Carburetion (Starting SN 10027)  –
F-39 Engine and Mounting (Left Side)  –
F-40 Electrical Schematic  C-253
F-41 Operator Console (Right Side)  –
F-42 Engine and Pump Base  C-321
F-43  Engine (Right Side)  –
F-44 Engine and Pump Mount  –
F-45 Exhaust (Right Side)  –
F-46 Hydraulic Extension Valve (Right Side) Prior to SN 8785  C-226
F-46A Hydraulic Extension Valve (Right Side) Starting at SN 8745  C-324
F-47 Hydraulic Extension Valve (Left Side) Prior to SN 8745  C-265
F-47A Hydraulc Extension Valve (Left Side) Starting at SN 8745  C-325
F-48 Hydraulic Extension Drive Pinion  –
F-49 Ditch Plate Assembly  C-341
F-50 Joint Match Extensions (1 Foot)  C-140
F-51 Joint Match Extensions (2 foot) Before Nov. 1984  –
F-51A Joint Match Extensions (2 foot) Starting Nov. 1984  –
F-52 Tow Bar Assembly  C-355
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