A “Tow Paver” designed for the user who regularly needs to pave wider than 10′ with out extra shoveling.  The independent, dual-controlled augers move enough material to allow paving 12′ wide, 2″ deep at the rate of 100′ per minute with 300 degree hot mix.  The paver is pictured above with an optional screed heater and electric-hydraulic controls. 

For the contractor who requires a tow paver with augers but doesn’t want the touch controls for depth and screed extension, Layton introduces the F-525 Paver.  To meet your demand, the F-525 features augers, heavy-duty hopper, and clamshell gate like the Super-Paver, to virtually eliminate the need for shoveling.  Gate, screed lift, and hitch arms are controlled by the electric hydraulic system, the same as the H500B paver.  And like the H-500, screed depth and screed extensions are manually controlled.  So, for the paving contractor who requires more than the standard H-500B tow paver but less than the D-550 Super-Paver, Layton introduces the F-525.  Designed especially for you.