Parts and Service Manual


  Service Bulletins     Service Section
  Engine Oil (Propane)   7. Auger Drive
  High Pressure Check Valves   8. Auger Drive Disassembled
  Propane Check Valves   9. Hydraulic Sys., Elect. ,Carburetor
  Trucks with Tubeless Tires   10. Hyd. Schematic (D8363-D9956)
  Hydraulic System Upgrade   10A. Hyd. Schematic (Starts @ D-9999)
  Propane Carburetion, Tecumseh   11. Wiring Diagram (LS) 
  Screed Heater Hose & Valve    11A. Wiring Diagram (LS) Start@D9999
  Heater Hose & Valve Add.    12. Wiring Diagram (RS) 
  High Pressure Check Valve’88    12A. Wiring Diagram (RS) Start@D9999
       13.  Tow Bar, Joint Match Extensions
  Operations Section    14. Charging System Test (Tecumseh)
 1. Manufacturer’s Warranty    15/16. Electronic Ignition Test (Tecumseh)
 2. General Description    17. Screed Timing & Screed Screw Yoke
 3. Pre-Start    18/19. Ditch Plate Installation/Drawing
 4. Operating Instructions    20/21. Joint Match Extension, (1′) Drawing
 5. Joy Stick Operation    22/23. Joint Match Extension (2′ )/Drawing
 6. Securing Vehicle    24/25. Trouble shooting-High Pressure Sys.
       26. Tecumseh Model Upgrade
      Honda Engine Owner’s Manual
         Honda Engine Service (Propane Supplement)
Parts Section  Ref#  Dwg#  
   Parts Order Information      
   Parts Index      
   Hopper Assembly  D-1  C-232  
   Decal Set  D-2  –  
   Spill Plate Latch & Wing Filler  D-3  C-226  
   Spill Plate Catch (7/1/80)  D-4  C-328  
   Hitch Arm Strut  D-5  C-227  
   Screed Lift Arm Assembly  D-6  D-1413  
   Crown Adjustment Assembly  D-7  D-1409  
   Catwalk & Latch Assembly  D-8  C-185  
   Heat Exchanger & Screed Depth Screw  D-9  D-1411  
   Screed Extension & Drive Assembly  D-10  D-1412  
   Screed Cover Assembly  D-11  D-1408  
   Undercarriage Support Assembly  D-12  C-229  
   Undercarriage Frame Track/Rubber  D-13  C-343  
   Rubber Tired Assembly  D-14  D-1410  
   Track & Frame Assembly  D-15  C-342  
   Heavy Duty Hitch Arm Assembly  D-16  C-220  
   Adjustable Hitch Arm Assembly  D-17  C-352  
   Shut-Off Gate Assembly  D-18  C-360  
   Auger Drive Assembly  D-19  –  
   Auger Drive Motor Assembly  D-20  –  
   Auger Drive Assembly  D-21  –  
   Right Side Power Unit  D-22  –  
   Right Side Power Unit  D-23  –  
   Propane Carburetion (Tecumseh)  D-23A  –  
   Honda Engine, Electrical (RH)  D-23B  –  
   Honda Engine, Propane Fuel (RH)  D-23C  –  
   Propane System  D-24  –  
  Screed Heater Hoses, Starting at SN D-10034-K8  D-24A  –  
   Screed Heater Hoses, Retro Prior to SN D-10034-K8  D-24B  –  
   Hydraulic Pump & Fittings (RH)  D-25  –  
   Hydraulic Fittings , RH Manifold  D-26  –  
   Hydraulic Fittings, Power Unit (RH)  D-27  –  
   Coupling Assembly, Pump Drive  D-28  C-254  
   Manifold, Right Side  D-29  –  
   Manifold, Right Side  D-30  –  
   Manifold, Right Side  D-31  C-293  
   Power Unit Door, Right Side  D-32  C-247  
   Left Side Power Unit  D-33  –  
   Left Side Power Unit  D-34  –  
   Honda Engine, Propane Fuel (LH)  D-34A  –  
   Honda Engine, Electrical (LH)  D-34B  –  
   Hydraulic Pump, Hoses, & Fittings (LH)  D-35  –  
   Accumulator, Tubing & Wire (LH)  D-36  –  
   Dump Valve & High Pressure Tubing (LH)  D-37  –  
   Dump Valve Assembly  D-38  C-289  
   Single Solenoid Valve Assembly  D-39  C-286  
   Manifold Tubing, Left Side  D-40  –  
   Power Unit, Left Side  D-41  –  
   Manifold, Left Side  D-42  C-291  
   Power Unit Door, Left Side  D-43  C-248  
   Joy Stick Assembly  D-44  C-306  
   Box Back Tube Assembly  D-45  –  
   Selector Valve Location & Tubing pg.1/pg.2  D-46  C-238  
   Selector Valve Assembly  D-47  C-307  
   Selector Valve Components  D-48  –  
   Hitch Arm Cylinder  D-49  D-1407  
   Screed Lift Cylinder  D-50  C-230  
   Gate Cylinder  D-51  C-231  
   Automatic Grade Control  D-52  –  
   Ditch Plate Assembly  D-53  D-903  
   Joint Match Extension,(1′)/  D-54  C-140  
   Joint Match Extension (2′) 12/84  D-55  –  
   Joint Match Extension, 2′ (Early)  D-56  –  
   Tow Bar Assembly  D-57  C-239  
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   Tecumseh Engine Parts